Forging the path for the future of office furniture

There is an increasing awareness worldwide of the importance of productive surroundings for our physical and mental wellbeing. Space shapes behaviour, and corporate values such as transparency, teamwork and communication is part of our daily work culture. Modern methods of work and office interaction require adaptable table configurations.

Today’s corporate office and home office environments demand simple desk systems that can be configured to any solution. Whatever your requirements may be, our desk, workstation and table systems provide flexible configurations for optimal space utilisation. Regardless of the space, workstations can be reconfigured and adapted to suit specific demands caused by business expansions, reductions or remodelling.


freedom of movement and ultimate comfort

The Geo Cloud multiple desking systems offer all configurations, from the single desk, to the executive or managerial desk. Open-plan configurations can be adapted to multiple users. Adaptable table configurations meet the needs of modern communication-based presentation methods, while smaller clusters of tables are ideal for team meetings and group workshops, and circular table groupings are particularly suitable for open discussions. The tables can quickly and easily be rearranged and can be nested if necessary. The systems also offer larger boardroom tables for executive spaces.

Geo Cloud focuses on optimum ergonomic comfort and support, without compromising on mobility and efficiency. We use high-quality materials and components in the manufacture of our desking and seating ranges, assuring you of highest quality office solutions.