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Chairs and office furniture

At Geo Cloud we focus on ergonomic seating and desking with optimum comfort and support, without compromising on mobility and efficiency. Whatever your requirements for holistic office and meeting areas, with our wide selection of international and local ranges you will always be sitting on a cloud, in front of a Geo Cloud desk, which means you are assured of the best quality support for maximum productivity. We use only the best components in the manufacture of our desking and seating ranges, assuring you of high-end quality office solutions.

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High-quality with perfect form and function

Task Chairs

Ultimate Ergonomic Support

Our task chairs are perfect for any office space or working environment. At Geo Cloud, our focus is high-quality seating designed with optimum comfort and ergonomic support, invitingly upholstered without compromising on mobility and efficiency. With our wide selection of ranges, you will always be sitting on a cloud. Whether your layout provides for private individual areas or open-plan group work stations, our dynamic task chairs adapt to suit your space requirements.

Explore Task Chairs

Task Chairs

Visitor's Chairs

Foundation for functionality and flexibility

Geo Cloud manufacture high-quality visitor’s chairs that allow for freedom of movement and ultimate comfort. Make sure that your guests are comfortable by choosing from our wide selection of comfortable and reliable visitor seating solutions. Ergonomically designed, our visitor’s chairs can be placed at your visitor’s area or waiting rooms. As well as having a range of styles, colours and materials available, at Geo Cloud, we also ensure our seating suits all budgets.

Explore Visitor's Chairs

Visitor's Chairs

Meeting and Conference Chairs

Ergonomically Inspired

Geo Cloud provide a unique range of stylish, contemporary meeting and conference chairs. Also ideal for training purposes, we manufacture high-strength and easily storable seating solutions. Designed for use in all aspects of conferencing, our Geo Cloud chairs ensure that you work, learn and engage in comfort. Explore our contemporary range of versatile and ergonomic meeting and conference chair designs, available in a variety of styles and representing fantastic value for money.

Explore Meeting and Conference Chairs

Meeting and Conference Chairs

Boardroom Tables

Contemporary and Professional Workspaces

A boardroom configuration is one of the most important components of the office environment, as this is where vital business decisions are made and high-level negotiations with clients are undertaken. Geo Cloud are able to create this configuration in any finish or size, customised to your office space. Our exclusive, modern boardroom tables are perfectly suited for effective face-to-face interactions, such as director and committee meetings, team briefings and interviews.

Explore Boardroom Tables


Executive Desking

Efficient Desking Solutions

Our modern executive desks are the perfect solution for a modern and personalised private or open office space. The Geo Cloud range of executive desks offer innovative designs and unparalleled quality, using only the highest-quality materials. Our executive desks can be manufactured with custom-designed storage options that are ideal for you and your working environment. Our designs create a professional look that are perfect for holding meetings in your office.

Explore Executive Desking


Open-Plan Desking

Sleek, Collaborative Workstations

Perfect for collaborative workspaces, the modular structure of our open-plan configuration offers flexibility and scalability, as they can easily be reconfigured to suit your space. The open design encourages free and frequent interaction between co-workers and teams, allowing individuals to focus on their own work, while not being isolated from their colleagues. The adaptable configurations allow for varied levels of privacy within the open plan space.

Explore Open-Plan Desking


Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable Desking

Geo Cloud’s range of height adjustable desks are ergonomically designed to cater for a wide variety of people. The desks allow users to work using their bodies’ optimal and natural posture, and positioning the body at its most productive. Height adjustable desks allow users to personalise, adjust and move their work area to meet their specific needs. The desk allows workers to break away from their static posture without leaving their workspace.

Explore Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable

Storage Solutions

Modern, space-saving and high quality

Recognising the importance of productive surroundings in doing better business, Geo Cloud is proud to provide versatile and adaptable storage solutions for a well-structured workspace. Geo Cloud’s storage units are custom-created, in both size and style, to provide an efficiently seamless storage solution that forms an integral role in maintaining an organised and productive office environment. Our modern storage systems ensure a high performance corporate environment.

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Bench Seating

High-Quality and Distinctive

Geo Cloud manufactures modern and contemporary bench seating to match your style and budget. Our bench seating accommodates the needs of various workstyles to support collaborative and solo work in the office, as well as being perfect for waiting rooms or hallways, or commercial, academic and public spaces. We supply bench seating with innovative design, acting as an all-round modern and professional seating addition to any environment.

Explore Bench Seating

Bench Seating

Soft Seating

A New Dimension of Comfort

Geo Cloud manufacture a range of functional and versatile soft seating and couch solutions. Each piece is constructed with quality materials and meet the highest durability standards. Designed for ultimate comfort and support, Geo Cloud’s couches enhance the atmosphere of the corporate and home office environment. Soft seating is a key component for supportive and shared spaces, and Geo Cloud have produced a large selection of solutions that can be reconfigurable based on need.

Explore Soft Seating

Soft Seating


A world of possibilities

At Geo Cloud, we pride ourselves in producing refined and high-quality accessories to optimise your home and workspace, without compromising on mobility and efficiency. Whatever your additional requirements, you are assured of distinct, quality products for maximum productivity. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations and with extra accessories to customise your workspace to your needs, Geo Cloud lets you click into a world of possibilities.

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